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The December Surge: What Does It Mean for Obamacare?

Now that the rush to beat the deadline for January 1 health insurance coverage has passed, analysts have had an opportunity to review and assess the progress of Obamacare. Has it been successful so far?

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How to Get the Obamacare Subsidy

A recent New York Times article reported a surprising fact about the makeup of Californians who have purchased their health insurance through Covered California: so far, individuals and families who qualify for subsidies are the least likely to use the exchange to buy their insurance. This is despite the fact that the federal government will pay part of their insurance premium if they purchase through the exchange.

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Obamacare Options for South LA

Obamacare makes health care coverage accessible for more people by basing health insurance rates on income, age, and region. Income helps determine which of several options are available to individuals and families.

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