Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County

CCALAC’s central role is to help their members serve their patients in an efficient and cost-effective manner while providing quality care. The association strives to identify and address the collective needs of their members at the local, state and federal levels. CCALAC delivers a variety of member services including policy advocacy, education, and peer support. They connect clinics, share and leverage resources, increase organizational capacity, and raise a unified voice on behalf of clinics.

FIT Testing Train-the-Traniner & Basics of an Infection Control Program

This training will provide attendees with a basic set of solutions and understanding to be able to construct the framework for an Infection Control Program.  The day will also include a Fit Test refresher course including a review of Fit Test kits, methods and proper NIOSH suggested steps for N-95 fit testing.

Each participant will receive a 3M Fit Testing Kit.

Participants will:

  • Understand the basics of a Respiratory Protection Program
  • Understand the chain of infection
  • Discuss why an infection control program is important
  • Review 3M Fit Test Kits
  • Review NIOSH Suggested Fit Test Steps
  • Review Proper N-95 respirator donning methods

Presented by Edwin Vela and Chad Cossey, MS, CHEP, CHSP.

Breakfast will be provided. Parking will not be validated.

November 8, 2017  I  $50.00 – $250.00  More Info: FIT Testing

Advancing Financial Strength: Using Performance Evaluation Profiles/County Aggregates 

During this session, participants will receive updated CCALAC financial and operational trends compared to California, national, and other California metro health center peers. This overview will help health centers understand the significant progress achieved since the program launched as well as provide strategies to address ongoing challenges. Participants will also learn how to use the benchmarking toolkit and performance evaluation profiles. Including training on calculating metrics and trends and understanding and communicating their meaning. While primarily intended for staff and/or health centers who have not participated in a similar program previously, those looking for a refresher are encouraged to attend.

New This Year: Register for a brief one-on-one meeting with Capital Link staff to review your health center’s latest performance evaluation profile, address specific questions, and determine preliminary action plans for continued performance improvement.

Audience: CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, middle managers, and anyone interested in learning more about assessing and improving the financial strength and sustainability of their organization. New and returning AFS participants encouraged to attend!

Participants will:

  • Learn what to except in the upcoming AFS Program Cycle
  • Discuss training ideas and topics to help further develop the next stages of AFS
  • Review updated CCALAC financial and operational trends compared to California, national, and other California metro health center peers
  • Learn or review how to use the benchmarking toolkit and performance evaluation profiles
  • Meet one-on-one with Capital Link staff to review  current performance evaluation profiles, address specific questions, and determine preliminary action plans for continued performance improvement

November 9, 2017  I  Free  More Info: Advancing Financial Strength

An Overview of Regulatory Compliance for Pharmacies & Dispensaries

All pharmacies and dispensaries, regardless of affiliation with non-profit community clinics, are subject to oversight and enforcement by the California Board of Pharmacy. This training session will inform pharmacists and pharmacy staff about some of the fundamental regulations surrounding pharmacy and dispensary policies and procedures.

Audience: CCALAC pharmacy owners, pharmacists, and pharmacy staff

This training will:

  • Provide an overview of necessary components of policies & procedures regarding prescription drugs; acquisition, storage, dispensing, furnishing, destruction, and record keeping
  • Review proper procedures for disposal of hazardous waste, including hazardous drugs, used needles, and biological waste
  • Review Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training required by Medicare as well as many other PBMs

Presented by Tony J. Park, Pharm.D., J.D.

Breakfast will be provided. Parking will not be validated.

November 16, 2017  I  $75.00  More Info: Overview of Regulatory Compliance

Outreach, Enrollment, & Retention Pee Network

A new forum for on-the-ground Outreach and Enrollment (OE) leads to share challenges and successes, best practices, tools and resources, as well as receive program and policy updates that impact outreach, enrollment and retention operations. This group provides an ongoing opportunity for OE leads to engage with their peers and colleagues in order to maximize the enrollment and retention of clinic patients in coverage programs.

December 20, 2017  I  $Free  More Info: Outreach, Enrollment, & Retention

Center for Non-Profit Management

CNM’s activities offer an integrated and comprehensive set of programs to strengthen the capacity of organizations to achieve their goals. These services combine training, 1:1 coaching, consulting and peer learning opportunities. Their team is committed to support personal and organizational development at every transition and growth stage an organization may experience.

Advocacy: Driving Mission and Growing Dollars

Learn about how your organization can use advocacy methods to educate influencers, inform the public and policy-makers, and motivate donors to take action. Through lively discussion and real-life case studies, you will learn several key aspects of advocacy and advocacy fundraising which include:

Advocacy Basics – what are the IRS regulations governing nonprofit advocacy; how to research and use the tools you will need; how to plan, budget, and implement an advocacy program that your organization can manage and afford; the difference between advocacy, lobbying and education.

Small Steps Matter & All Politics is Local – advocacy is not just for the big national nonprofits; your community-based nonprofit can weigh in on the issues, too.

Government & Foundation Funding – how advocacy can help and hurt foundation and government grants, as well as government contracts.

Inspiring Donors – advocacy can inspire current and potential individual donors, especially when you take advantage of the impact that current events can have on your mission, clients and stakeholders; a look at “Rage Fundraising”.

Using All Your Resources – your wealth of relationships can advance your advocacy work, and that includes those of your board.

November 1, 2017  I  $125.00  I  More Info: Advocacy: Driving Mission & Growing Dollars

Inclusive Leadership: New Approaches for Organizational Success

In this dynamic and interactive session, come hear the startling real reasons why “doing diversity” is necessary, yet so difficult!  You will learn the key characteristics of inclusive leaders and workplaces, explore one practical tool for effectively navigating human differences at work, conduct an assessment of your current organization and create an action plan for implementing “New School D&I” in your work life.

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Understand the difference between “old school” and “new school” approaches to diversity in the workplace
  • Know the evidence for why “new school” diversity works and “old school” doesn’t
  • Understand the real reasons “doing diversity” right is difficult, but necessary to success
  • Appreciate the unique opportunities Millennials bring to the workplace
  • Identify the key characteristics of inclusive leaders and workplaces
  • Understand and apply key concepts of unconscious bias
  • Explore one practical tool for effectively navigating human differences at work
  • Complete an assessment of your organization’s strengths and opportunities around “New School” diversity and inclusiveness
  • Create an action plan for next steps

November 1, 2017  I  $125.00  I  More Info: Inclusive Leadership

Unlocking the Mystery of the Major Gift

Join fundraising instructor, David Levy, as he provides participants with tools necessary to introduce or enhance a major gifts effort as a part of a fundraising plan. Through discussion and simulation, you will explore the five steps of the development process and learn how to effectively engage donors.  During this session, you will gain a better understanding of how to use your existing resources to develop stronger relationships with your supporters and raise more money.

Participants will learn:

  • Key traits that a successful fundraiser must have
  • How to identify potential major donors and create a realistic prospect list
  • What to “say” and “do” on your first meeting with a prospective major donor
  • Why “thank you” are the most important words in the fundraising process

Who Should Attend:
Nonprofit leaders who are eager to learn more about the major gifts fundraising process.

November 9, 2017  I  $125.00  I  More Info: Unlocking the Mystery

Making the Ask and Getting to Yes!

So what’s an effective donor strategy look like? Successful donor cultivation means that you are turning prospects into donors, and donors into larger donors. Gain tips for how to make the right ask, when, for what, and how much.  Learn tools and techniques that get you to YES and create donors who want you to come back for more.

Learn how to:

  • Create a fundraising experience you and your donors love to be a part of.
  • Leave with a YES! Turn all cultivation meetings into successful solicitations.
  • Deal with objections and next step approaches.
  • Close with confidence and style.

November 9, 2017  I  $125.00  I  More Info: Making the Ask & Getting to Yes!

Mastering Supervision: Advanced Techniques & Must Knows

This 2-day intensive workshop is designed for supervisors and HR managers to build on the skills they already have, and learn the advanced techniques needed to be a better boss and leader.

Together we’ll address how to:

  • Adapt your leadership style to coach, discipline, and motivate your team
  • Build and lead small teams
  • Correct behaviors before they get out of hand
  • Act quickly and appropriately to deal with challenging or toxic employees
  • Navigate the legal compliance issues of HR
  • Maximize productivity with today’s fast paced, multi-generational workforce

November 15th-16th, 2017  I  $395.00  I  More Info: Mastering Supervision

Marketing for Fundraising: No “Selling” Necessary

Development is a key sales function in any non-profit organization. In this course, you will learn how a marketing mindset can make your job easier and your development efforts more successful. We’ll look at the role of marketing vis-à-vis the development function, gain insights into development from the world of for-profit marketing, investigate branding and its role in development, and investigate the power of community to fundraising success.

By the conclusion of this class you will know:

  • The importance of personal recommendations for all development efforts, from events to board recruitment.
  • The critical importance of your organization’s brand and positioning to your success.
  • How to integrate marketing, communications, and development efforts in your organization.
  • The role of your website, email, and social media in your development efforts.
  • The power of partnership and how to develop cause-marketing relationships.

December 1, 2017  I  $125.00  I  More Info: Marketing for Fundraising

Fundraising for Sustainability: Getting Beyond Grant Writing

All of us with grants know that grants often don’t cover the full cost of services, can limit us to contracted work, and typically can’t be counted on from year to year. Did you know grant funding makes up only 15% of the charitable contributions that the sector receives? The majority (85%) comes from individual donors and individual donors may be willing to give to your organization year after year. Congrats! You now know where the money is — but how can you start tapping into it? Join us to learn how you can help your organization get beyond grant writing and begin building a fundraising plan. Hint: Your grant savviness can be leveraged to secure donors and we’ll show you how.

We’ll discuss:

  • funding sources and strategies: how to move from a grants-reliant model and create a broader funding base
  • creating a strategic fundraising plan that’s appropriate to your organization
  • concrete tips for growing your individual donor program
  • key steps you can take to enhance sustainability
  • the role of your staff, executive director, and board in raising funds and creating a culture of philanthropy

December 1, 2017  I  $125.00  I  More Info: Fundraising for Sustainability

2018 Economic Forecast

2017 has been an interesting ride, with a businessman President at the helm, navigating complex territory at home and abroad. Here in Los Angeles County, we have two new Supervisors, a new five year plan for the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, and an increasingly active electorate preparing for important mid-term elections in 2018.

Join your colleagues and esteemed experts to reflect upon and project some of the financial and political factors that will impact the business of your organization in 2018 and beyond.

Speakers as of October 24 include:

Marianne Haver Hill, Executive Director, Propel L.A. Countywide Strategic Plan for Economic Development

Chris Hoene, Executive Director, California Budget & Policy Center

Dan Schnur, Director, American Jewish Committee’s Los Angeles Region

Session topics will include:

  • National, State, and Local Economic Trends
  • Potential state budget policy changes affecting the sector
  • Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation strategic initiatives
  • Financial management and fund development trends in the sector

Whether your budget is $100,000 or $100 million, you’ll hear about and develop an understanding of the latest financial issues and forecasts. We’ll help you put it all into context as you plan for your organization in the coming year and into the future.

December 5, 2017  I  $Free  More Info: 2018 Economic Forecast

Financial Literacy for the Non-Accountant

Learn about nonprofit accounting in this fear-free setting, including financial terminology, financial statements and budgets, internal controls, and the Form 990.

Be introduced to:

  • the world of nonprofit financial accounting
  • tools you need to get meaningful information from your financial management systems
  • terminology you need to know
  • establishing internal controls
  • reading financial statements and budgets
  • we’ll also touch upon the Form 990

December 7, 2017  I  $125.00  I  More Info: Financial Literacy for the Non-Accountant

Financial Management: Building Budgets

Do you know where you’re going? Have you checked your fuel gauge recently? Can you make it to your destination?

This seminar emphasizes the importance of the budget in the overall planning process as well as elements in building a sound budget. We’ll cover budgeting theory and engage in a budgeting exercise.

Topics include:

  • types of budgets and their uses;
  • departmental and organizational budgets;
  • budget narratives;
  • the relationship of budgeting to planning; and
  • how to identify, monitor and control program-related costs.

December 7, 2017  I  $125.00  I  More Info: Financial Management

Maternal and Child Health Access (MCHA)

Improves the health of low income women and families through advocacy, education, training and direct services.

We’ve Got You Covered” Core Training

This two-day training is designed for individuals who want to provide full-service outreach, enrollment and retention services for clients. All free or low cost health programs provided in LA County are included: Medi-Cal (including the newly eligible under the Medi-Cal expansion), Covered California, Healthy Kids, and Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan, My Health LA and Los Angeles County resources for those that remain uninsured. Also included are Medicare, Managed Care, Cal MediConnect, immigrant issues and advocacy tips to help you and your clients navigate complicated systems.

November 16th & 17th, 2017  I  Free  I  More Info: We’ve Got You Covered

National Seminars Training (NST)

Helps individuals and organizations achieve greater success with live and online training. They are focused on meeting the employee training and development needs across every industry and profession

Business Grammar & Proofreading

Business Grammar & Proofreading is a new one-day workshop that features a phenomenal, “no-fear approach” to business grammar and proofreading skills. This skill-packed program has been designed for busy professionals like you who want a super-fast, easy way to brush up on grammar, spelling, proofreading, and business usage.

November 17, 2017  I  $199.00 I  More Info: Business Grammar & Proofreading


Seminars develops and presents a wide variety of one and two-day public seminars on business management, personal growth and development and technical skill topics.

Communicating With Tact, Diplomacy and Professionalism

Are you tired of being intimidated by high-pressure situations and difficult people? Learn how to handle touchy topics, problem people and sticky situations with finesse and skill in this two-day workshop. You’ll feel on top of challenging situations with new confidence in yourself and your abilities once you put this extensive collection of tips, secrets and skills to work.

Nov 8th & 9th, 2017  I  $299.00  I  More Info: Communicating w/Tact, Diplomacy & Professionalism

The Nonprofit Partnership

Has a direct and profound impact on our community by ensuring thousands of nonprofit professionals, board members and volunteers receive the tools and resources they need to be successful and make their organizations thrive.

Budgeting 101

Budgeting is the cornerstone to an organization’s ability to thrive.  Learn how to build a budget for sound fiscal management of your organization, and use your budget to deal with multiple programs and multiple funding sources and cash flow issues.  This workshop is  great for fund development professionals, Executive Directors, and anyone else doing budgeting for nonprofit organizations.

 Learning Takeaways:

  • The objectives of nonprofit budgeting
  • Budget structure
  • Income versus expense and indirect versus direct costs
  • Methods of integrating planning, budgeting, and management
  • Create a budget step by step
  • Budgeting process for nonprofit organizations

November 16, 2017  I  $65.00 Member Rate * $85.00 Non-Member Rate  I  More Info: Budgeting 101

Conflict Resolution

In the workplace, as in life, conflict is inevitable. Yet conflict is generally viewed as a negative and destructive force. As a result, people are uncomfortable with conflict and seek to avoid it. However, conflict can also be positive and even constructive, offering us the opportunity for innovative change and improvement in our work settings.

This course provides the tools to effectively manage, identify and handle conflict.  Using theory, role play practice and in-depth discussion, participants will learn ways to effectively resolve conflict.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the components and myths of conflict
  • Using a conflict inventory, identify preferred conflict approaches
  • Define the 5 approaches to conflict and strengths and challenges of each one.
  • Implement a 4 Step approach to conflict resolution and conversation along with an Action Plan.

December 5, 2017  I  $65.00 Member Rate * $85.00 Non-Member Rate  I  More Info: Conflict Resolution

Continuing Medical Education


The purpose of the Office of Continuing Medical Education, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is to support the continuing education needs of the medical community by providing high-quality, evidence-based activities designed to narrow the professional practice gaps of its learners.

The California Heart Rhythm Symposium 2017

The California Heart Rhythm Symposium aims to bring together leaders in the field of cardiac arrhythmias and provides a forum for presentation and discussion of the latest advances in the field. The target audiences include practicing cardiac electrophysiologists, cardiologists, internists and allied health professionals.

The meeting will highlight how the understanding of basic mechanisms and new advances is translated into clinical practice. Furthermore, the program will explore how clinical problems have created new avenues for research and therapeutics.

The content of this educational activity was determined by rigorous assessment of program feedback from prior California Heart Rhythm symposia, expert faculty assessment and new medical knowledge in the field.

November 17, 2017  I  Free  I  More Info: Heart Rhythm Symposium 2017

The 5th Annual UCLA Diabetes Symposium

Diabetes poses a major healthcare challenge as the prevalence is rising and providers of all types are increasingly required to address control and the treatment of diabetes-related complications. Therapies for diabetes are broadening and newer technologies offer promise, but must also be used with care. The UCLA Annual Diabetes Symposium is a one-day CME program offering providers of varying backgrounds a chance to review optimal state-of-the-art patient care. Experts in the field and its associated complications will review current best practices, including updates in technology, new medications, treatment in the older populations and obesity and cardiovascular disease management.

Target Audience

The UCLA diabetes program has been designed for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified diabetes educators, nurse educators, dietitians, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners whose practice includes care of patients with diabetes.

November 18, 2017  I  Free  I  More Info: 5th Annual UCLA Diabetes Symposium