Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County

CCALAC’s central role is to help their members serve their patients in an efficient and cost-effective manner while providing quality care. The association strives to identify and address the collective needs of their members at the local, state and federal levels. CCALAC delivers a variety of member services including policy advocacy, education, and peer support. They connect clinics, share and leverage resources, increase organizational capacity, and raise a unified voice on behalf of clinics.

Outreach, Enrollment, and Retention Peer Network

A new forum for on-the-ground Outreach and Enrollment (OE) leads to share challenges and successes, best practices, tools and resources, as well as receive program and policy updates that impact outreach, enrollment and retention operations. This group provides an ongoing opportunity for OE leads to engage with their peers and colleagues in order to maximize the enrollment and retention of clinic patients in coverage programs.

September 20, 2017  I  FreeMore Info: OPR Peer Network

October 18, 2017  I  FreeMore Info: OPR Peer Network

Center for Non-Profit Management

CNM’s activities offer an integrated and comprehensive set of programs to strengthen the capacity of organizations to achieve their goals. These services combine training, 1:1 coaching, consulting and peer learning opportunities. Their team is committed to support personal and organizational development at every transition and growth stage an organization may experience.

Break it Down! Capital Campaigns Simplified

Multi-year, multi-phased initiatives can be overwhelming to even an experienced development professional. Join Richard Tollefson, Founder and President of The Phoenix Philanthropy Group to learn how to take a disciplined approach to campaign preparation, planning, and management.  During this 2-day seminar, you will receive detailed and advanced training on how break down each phase and each step in the process.

Key Takeaways:
  • Advanced training in national and international best-practices in campaign preparation, planning and management
  • An in-depth discussion and analysis of current trends and cutting-edge thought leadership
  • Strategies and tactics to guide the Board, executive leadership, staff through each phase of a campaign and beyond.
  • A package of campaign preparation and planning tools.

September 27-28, 2017  I  $395.00  More Info: Capital Campaigns Simplified

Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers can help your organization serve more clients, deliver more programs, strengthen your staff, spread your message and increase your financial capacity. But managing volunteers requires good recruitment, vetting, placement, relationship-building and supervision. Volunteer management is especially challenging when you may manage five generations of volunteers. But with good volunteer engagement processes in place, it cannot enrich your mission and services, but also build a team that’s a joy to work with.

This workshop will explore the basics of good volunteer management:

  • how to identify the ways volunteers can help your organization
  • how to recruit the right volunteers
  • how to vet, orient and train volunteers
  • how to keep good volunteers engaged

October 3, 2017  I  $125.00  More Info: Volunteer Engagement

Managing Teams through Change

As nonprofit organizations, we have to embrace change to continually improve on the work we do and stay relevant in meeting the needs of those we serve. As leaders, our role is not simply to manage change but facilitate people and teams towards the successful adoption of change. If your organization is going through change or about to, this session will help you explore how different people approach change, why situations get sticky, and how to best manage teams through evolution. We’ll also discuss strategies on how you can encourage teams to be more creative and embrace the unknown – both helpful mindsets during times of change. This course is designed for senior managers and executive leaders.

The session will explore:

  •  the strong force of organizational culture and its implications for organizational change
  • how people typically respond to change
  • defining your role as a leader during change and why it is so critical
  • strategies and approaches for helping others navigate change

October 3, 2017  I  $125.00  More Info: Managing Teams through Success

Free Info Session: Coach Certificate Training

Learn about CNM’s Coaching Certification Program and the international Coach Federation’s Core Coaching Competencies that guide certification of professional coaches. ICF is the leading accreditation agency of coaches around the globe.

Join us at this coaching informational session to:

  • Get to know others in the professional coaching field
  • Learn about Core Coaching Competencies that guide certification of professional coaches
  • Learn about coaching resources through the International Coach Federation and the Center for Nonprofit Management

October 6, 2017  I  Free  More Info: Coach Certificate Training

Maternal and Child Health Access (MCHA)

Improves the health of low income women and families through advocacy, education, training and direct services.

We’ve Got You Covered” Core Training

This two-day training is designed for individuals who want to provide full-service outreach, enrollment and retention services for clients. All free or low cost health programs provided in LA County are included: Medi-Cal (including the newly eligible under the Medi-Cal expansion), Covered California, Healthy Kids, and Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan, My Health LA and Los Angeles County resources for those that remain uninsured. Also included are Medicare, Managed Care, Cal MediConnect, immigrant issues and advocacy tips to help you and your clients navigate complicated systems.

September 28th & 29th, 2017  I  Free  I  More Info: We’ve Got You Covered

National Seminars Training (NST)

Helps individuals and organizations achieve greater success with live and online training. They are focused on meeting the employee training and development needs across every industry and profession

FMLA Compliance Update

FMLA disputes are among the Top 5 issues that land companies in the courtroom. It’s been a big part of HR departments for ten years now and it has only grown in importance. The number of requests for FMLA leave has risen dramatically. The number of employees affected by it has increased. Are you prepared?

October 13, 2017  I  $199.00 I  More Info: FMLA Compliance Update


Does the idea of learning QuickBooks feel overwhelming to you?  You’re not alone.  We know that learning QuickBooks can be a struggle. It takes time, and mistakes cost you money. And besides, you’re busy running the business and doing your job.

Mastering QuickBooks Level 1 

Our two-day Mastering QuickBooks class is a great way to start on your path to QuickBooks certification. In this class, you’ll discover everything from setting up QuickBooks to handling money in, money out, banking, payroll, and much more.

September 18th & 19th, 2017  I  $549.95 I  More Info: Mastering QuickBooks

October 16th & 17th, 2017  I  $549.95 I  More Info: Mastering QuickBooks


Seminars develops and presents a wide variety of one and two-day public seminars on business management, personal growth and development and technical skill topics.

Communicating With Tact, Diplomacy and Professionalism

Are you tired of being intimidated by high-pressure situations and difficult people? Learn how to handle touchy topics, problem people and sticky situations with finesse and skill in this two-day workshop. You’ll feel on top of challenging situations with new confidence in yourself and your abilities once you put this extensive collection of tips, secrets and skills to work.

Nov 8th & 9th, 2017  I  $299.00  I  More Info: Communicating w/Tact, Diplomacy & Professionalism

The Nonprofit Partnership

Has a direct and profound impact on our community by ensuring thousands of nonprofit professionals, board members and volunteers receive the tools and resources they need to be successful and make their organizations thrive.

How to Keep up with the Changing Landscape of HR in California

Come join us for a tune-up on your HR processes and policies. This practical and engaging seminar will give you valuable information that you can apply immediately. If you are responsible for HR in your organization or just have an interest to be better at managing people, we want to see you!

  • Wage and hour hot topics (yes, they continue to be hot!)
  • Transformation of the recruiting process to attract the best talent
  • How to best minimize exposure to HR actions

September 27, 2017  I  $65.00 Member Rate * $85.00 Non-Member Rate  I  More Info: Changing Landscape of HR in California

Continuing Medical Education


The purpose of the Office of Continuing Medical Education, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is to support the continuing education needs of the medical community by providing high-quality, evidence-based activities designed to narrow the professional practice gaps of its learners.

Women’s Health:  Imaging and Treatment Guidelines for Primary Care Providers

The goal of this course is to review the latest developments in imaging, screening and management of common topics in women’s health for primary care providers. A multidisciplinary team of physicians will present the imaging and treatment fundamentals of topics including pelvic, thyroid, cardiovascular and lung pathology. State-of-the-art interventional and minimally invasive techniques will be presented as management options for common women’s health issues. A team of physicians specializing in the treatment of breast cancer will present fundamentals in breast imaging, oncology, surgery, pathology, radiation oncology and breast reconstructive procedures. Updated screening and management guidelines will be provided for each subject.

October 7, 2017  I  Free  I  More Info: Imaging and Treatment Guidelines